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Opinions on MANAGEMENT:

Charles Handy: 'The Search for Meaning'

Henry Mintzberg: Engaging leadership

Arie de Geus: 'a keynote speech'

The Myth of Command and Control

The Disorder of Anarchy as A Beautiful Pattern

Don't mention fun

Is slacking the only way to survive the office?

If you want to reflect on yourself try the next links to get a picture:

a Take an Assessment
a Find the Spirit of now
a Keirsey Character Sorter
a Enneagram Type

If you want to reflect on business (never a dull moment) try these links:

a Marketing Know-How
a Management Theory to apply
a Practice of Management
a Leadership and Values
a Dialog on Leadership
a IOMA Business Directory
a Business Researcher's Tool

No time to reflect! Lets get the work done, pick up useful tools! :

a Visualization Methods
a Books on Cybernetics
a Wise Old Sayings and Quotes
a Quotations
a Calculators Online

Visit the following links:

a Mindfields College

a Management Methods, Models, Theories

a Harvard Business Publishing

a Management - links

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