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Performance-based management consulting and counseling

Our support starts with your e-mail. Our main area's of expertise are in keywords:

- Change Management: 'what if nothing seems to work?'

Total Quality Management: 'how to control in continuously
   changing situations'

Management Accounting: 'goal setting and balancing strategies'

Human Resource Management: 'it seems like everybody in the
   organisation needs an upgrade, doesn't it?'

Information and Communication Technology: 'from
   technology-driven results to user-driven results in this decade'

Customer Relationship Management: 'does the happy customer
   sometimes seems an elusive concept?'

Business Planning and Development: 'need a business plan or
   feasibility study for your next project?'

Inspiration and Quality in organisations: 'money, machiavelli,
   X-files and/or ...?'


Want a second opinion? Got a problem and looking for some answers? Need some stir up or inspiration? ......Please do not hesitate to send us your e-mail.

Our consults may offer you a view on your situation from surprising angles, some support for on the way and sometimes we will just be a pain in the ass ('excusez le mot').


Your e-mail:

Please, use your own words, just as in a conversation. In addition to your specific case please also give us a general picture of your situation. A short description of the context, some highlights and 'facts and figures' of the organisation will be useful.

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