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Performance-based management consulting and counseling

NoCureNoPay services are easy to get, because we work through the internet. You make the first move. Just send a description of your problem, question or dilemma to our email-address: We will look at it and send you our response within one week.

When you send us your case, we study and discuss it within our team of consultants; this enable us to explore it from several angles and allows us to generate the creativity needed for a good response. However, one of our consultants will be assigned to you. This consultant is finally responsible for handling your case and will communicate with you by e-mail.

It is easy, it is low-risk, but is it free? No ! If in your opinion, our consult has added value, we expect you to transfer a part of that value to us, as compensation for our service (consulting-fee).

And, if you are satisfied with our service we expect you to recommend us to others: your friends, business partners and business relations.

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