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Performance-based management consulting and counseling

NoCureNoPay is a Dutch company, created in the summer of 1999 by two management consultants who both have long time experience as consultant and as (interim) manager.

We strive to maintain a set of high professional standards in our relationship to our clients. We don't pretend to have all answers to all questions. We do believe in your ability to help yourself. Our strength is the ability to ask relevant questions, supply you with critical information, helping you to formulate your own answers. Respect and integrity determine the way we operate.

NoCureNoPay stands for quality. We will only accept those assignments we belief in and feel sufficiently competent to handle. Being pioneers in our field, we believe in creativity and pro-activeness. Working with an open mind, willing to listen, we are receptive to new ideas and concepts, although we will always critically examine their value.

NoCureNoPay operates with a practical management philosophy. Good old contingency theory comes most closely to the way we think, act and advise. To us, it means that we look for the best fit between external developments, organizational goals and internal choices.

We believe in a few principles:

Management is about working for success and financial reward, based on respect for customers and employees in an environment of inspiration, friendship and fun.

Leadership requires setting clear goals and giving enough space for employees to develop themselves and the business they are in.

A learning organization is only possible when people are given real responsibilities and real targets to go after.

NoCureNoPay is a 100 % internet company. We offer personal consulting services to executive directors and managers of private and public companies. We only communicate by e-mail and video- conference technology: consultant@nocurenopay.com

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