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Performance-based management consulting and counseling

NoCureNoPay is a Dutch internet company. We offer personal consulting services to executive directors and managers of private and public companies, communicating by e-mail and video- conference technology.

Our services are performance-based, which means that our compensation is tied to the value our services add to your business. For that reason we are fundamentally different from traditional consultants. Our compensation is at risk, unless our advice produces results for you.

We offer confidential, professional and tailor made services to meet your demands. Our team of management consultants is well qualified and anxious to service you in a way that suits the 21st century.

How does it work ?

Simple ! You just send your question or problem by e-mail and you'll receive our information or advice also by e-mail. And fast ! Within 1 week, guaranteed. In case you wish to talk to us, we will get together in an internet-based tele-conference.

What do we offer ?

NoCureNoPay offers information, advice or a second opinion in the field of organizational consultancy with the following competences: change management, organizational stucturing, Business Process Redesign ( BPR ), Total Quality Management ( TQM ), self managing teams, Action Learning, process management and energising your company.

We want to support you in situations, where you wish to sort out, sharpen, check or loosen-up your thoughts. Especially in those cases where initially you cannot or do not want to discuss the issue within your own organization, because of its premature or sensitiveness nature. We are sure that our consult will save you time, effort and money.

What about our consulting fee?

a You decide if you pay and how much you pay !

a You decide our consulting fee !

We operate fully on a no-cure-no-pay basis. You are always on the trigger. You decide what value we have added to your business; if you are satisfied with our consult and support, it is up to you to decide our consulting fee. To help you quantify the benefits our advice has brought you, we have developed The Value-Added Estimator ®.


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