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Consulting fee

No cure, no pay! It's you, as our client, who judges the value contribution of our consult and it's you who decides our compensation. Only when you are satisfied a consulting fee is in place. To help you quantify the benefits our advice has brought you, we have developed a tool:

The Value-Added Estimator® will help you to determine the value added of our advice. This value added may consist of the following components:
your opportunity cost, or in other words, the costs you have saved by being able to
   work on other projects while we worked on your issue.
· your learning benefit.
· your savings, as a result of implementing our consult, if any.
· your additional profit, as a result of implementing our consult, if any.

Please join our other clients, answer the following three questions and determine how much value our consult has added to you, your organisation or business (please note that blank fields will be taken as zero):

1. How much would it have cost you, in terms of your time and lost opportunities     elsewhere, to have worked on this issue without our support?


2. If you consider that you could have obtained the insights provided by our consult     through other means, such as a training, seminar or conference, what is our consult     worth to you?


3. How much will implementation of our consult save you during the next 3 years and      with what probability? And how much additional profit will you generate during the      next 3 years as a result of implementing our consult, and with what probability?      (Please note: amounts in US$ and probability in %)

Year 1 savings: Probability %:
Year 2 savings: Probability %:
Year 3 savings: Probability %:
Year 1 add. profit: Probability %:
Year 2 add. profit: Probability %:
Year 3 add. profit: Probability %:

Total value added, in US$:

Our consulting fee is a function of the value added by our consult; based on the above information, we suggest you pay us the following fee,

in US$:

You may include other considerations in your decision on our compensation, such as the market price for similar consulting services.
If you consider the time we invested in preparing our consult (please enter hours as indicated in our consult in the next box)
, a conventional consultant would have cost you:
between US$ and US$


Payment is possible by banktransfer and by cheque. All required information will be enclosed in our response mail. As a guideline we will specify the hours we spent working on your issue.

We can also provide you with an offer or an invoice. At your request we will send our offer or invoice conform your specifications.
In that case, please send us an e-mail with: name of organization or company, address, name principal, billing specifications, amount and desired description of the services.

mail to: consultant@nocurenopay.com