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Performance-based management consulting and counseling


jan 1, 2011: 7:00 pacific, 10:00 eastern, 16:00 MET


(E)Business Editors, (E)Marketing Editors

Contact: Henk Paans, NCNP Marketing
NCNP: Fax: (+31) 020 6145037; consultant@nocurenopay.com


NoCureNoPay.com - Dutch consulting firm combines strengths of internet service delivery and performance-based contracting for already ten years.


Amsterdam, NL - 1 Januari 2011 -

Management consulting firm NoCureNoPay, a 100% internet- company, was created in the summer of 1999 by two Dutch consultants. Its marketing concept is entirely based on the 'no-cure-no-pay' principle.

Are business to business services possible without a contract? Will a customer voluntary pay for his received internet services, and do so afterwards? And even more, will he/she set a honest price for it?
'Yes', says Henk Paans partner and consultant of NoCureNoPay.
' They do. One third of our first time clients transfer a business-fee. The percentage of paying users even runs as high as 50% for second time users.'

NoCureNoPay is run by Dutch management consultants, providing advice or information by e-mail to executives on a no-cure-no-pay basis: that means,
They will answer your questions, but you only pay them if you're happy with the quality of their response. Even better, the amount of money you pay them will also depend on the value of their advice or information. And you will be the judge of that.

'The concept of NoCureNoPay is unique' says Henk Paans. 'Our services are fast, private and easy to get'.
All received e-mails get a response within one week. If a client wants, follow up can take place by a videoconference-session.
A private consult can be useful especially in delicate matters or in case of premature ideas, which cannot be discussed internally yet.

The service starts very simple with an e-mail of the client in which he states a question or a problem. The subject can be any kind of organizational businessproblem: change management, organizational development, from a strategic choice to personal feedback . This concept is ideal if a client wants to get a second opinion or in case a client has a question which needs a short and direct answer, fast. It is also very useful to help a client with his or her thinking. NCNP's consultants may offer a new way to get out of a vicious circle or they may encourage the client in his or her track of analysis and contribute to solving the problem.

Management consulting firm NoCureNoPay is growing steady, even beyond expectation. At this moment three consultants are appointed. It seems there is a growing market of managers who are looking for some intellectual backstopping through the internet. NoCureNoPay is offering it faster, cheaper and in a more private way than the traditional business consulting firms. Henk Paans: 'But the most important issue here, is that our client determines our added value all the way through: no-cure-no-pay'.

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